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About Us

Kitchenology is a teaching kitchen in which food and education are the ingredients to nourish lifestyle change through development of cooking skills and techniques that result in measurable health outcomes.

Mission Statement

We support culinary medicine professionals in advancing the accessibility of nutritional education and food services to improve public health outcomes.

Vision Statement

To create a sustainable network of partner agencies that are committed to cultivating family and community values through food initiatives that support healthy neighborhoods.



Through the challenges of the Pandemic that brought strains to our food system and healthcare we saw the need to develop food education programming around Culinary Medicine to empower families to be the first line of defense to combat disease and barriers that create health disparities for our communities.


Jonathan Seelig

Executive Director Jonathan Seelig, is the founder of Homegrown Heroes non-profit and Kitchenology teaching kitchen that provides Culinary Medicine training to medical, dietetic and culinary students. Medical, dietetic, and culinary students apply their Culinary Medicine training using the Kitchenology teaching kitchen to teach families impacted by diet-related chronic diseases referred by local clinics, hospitals and community centers through hunger and health screenings. He has 8 years of experience in food insecurity,within the Triad region, nonprofit food systems, strategic planning and development, public relations, and grant writing that sustains Homegrown Heroes and Kitchenology operations and services. Jonathan is a current nutrition major student at UNCG pursuing a Registered Dietitian career.

N’Gai Dickerson

American Heart Association Mobile Kitchen Executive Chef

Chef N’Gai Dickerson is an American Culinary Federation-certified chef and longstanding member. A graduate of the GTCC Culinary Program, Chef N’Gai has 10+ years of experience as an executive chef in commercial kitchens within the restaurant, resort and hotel industries. For over eight years, he has also served as a culinary educator for nonprofits in the Triad. He is dedicated to creating a sustainable food system which will help build healthier neighborhoods.

Ross Bolen

Executive Chef

Ross Bolen, RN and Executive Chef at Kitchenology trained at Pennsylvania Institute of Culinary Arts, worked in many facets of the culinary field over 16 years. He trained under world class chefs at several fine dining hotels and restaurants. Chef Bolen segued into a nursing degree where he began a career on a telemetry unit at High Point Regional Hospital working with several types of disease processes both chronic and acute to include, but not limited to; cardiac, renal, pulmonary and neurology. The last 6 years Ross’s primary focus has been in oncology as a traveling RN while still maintaining skills in the other specialties. While working in the medical field it became clear that Culinary Medicine should be the preemptive solution to the existing issues pertaining to diet-related chronic diseases. With this awareness Ross is currently dedicating his time as Executive Chef at Kitchenology where he develops health focused menu items, lunch & learn catering and leads training of emerging dietetic and nutrition students.

Johannah Bolen

Director of Project Management

Chair Board and Project Manager at Kitchenology, Johannah Bolen obtained experience as a Project Manager at Holt Environments overseeing the overall direction, coordination, implementation and completion of several projects occurring simultaneously. She provides exceptional customer service and public relations skills working closely with various clientele’s executive teams to achieve desired outcomes. Over the course of 12 years with Greensboro Auto Auction, Johannah began her career as Account Coordinator and quickly moved into management. Her duties as a Manager include accounting and balancing budgets, processing payroll in addition to managing office staff with oversight to meet weekly and monthly goals. Johannah looks forward to directing her years of managerial and coordinator talent towards assisting her local community in an effort to change diet-related chronic diseases by directing and leading Kitchenology’s multi-scaled local projects and growing relationships with other organizations to improve food education and security in our area.

MJ Cherry

Data Analyst & Community Resource Coordinator

Secretary, Data Analyst & Community Resource Coordinator, MJ Cherry has over ten years recruiting a variety of populations for employment utilizing social media and partnering with appropriate organizations in order to build out a strong pipeline of qualified candidates. While she pursues a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition and Dietetics, MJ continues to work as a Research Assistant at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG) within the Health and Human Science Department collecting and analyzing qualitative data as it pertains to nutrition knowledge within the community and the effects that the COVID-19 pandemic had on food choices and accessibility. MJ is additionally working on the community’s formative assessments for Kitchenology in order to collect appropriate data in order to develop specific teaching kitchen programming, as well as developing metrics to measure effectiveness.

Daniel Lawson

Community Garden Manager

Community Garden Director, Daniel Lawson, has 8 years experience working at the Tri- County Garden Center. When High Point - Greensboro Area was ranked #1 in the nation for food insecurity in 2015, Daniel Lawson was a key member in developing and presenting food forest and urban farming maps to city council members. The last two years he has managed the BCBS Nourishing NC community garden at Oakview Rec Center and the Oakview Elementary school gardens. He provides gardening education to underserved families with limited access to nutritious foods.